Apple MacBook Pro Early & Late 2011 15" File Recovery Drive - Boot w/ Bad GPU!!!
Apple MacBook Pro Early & Late 2011 15" File Recovery Drive - Boot w/ Bad GPU!!!

Apple MacBook Pro Early & Late 2011 15" File Recovery Drive - Boot w/ Bad GPU!!!

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Having problems with your 15" MacBook Pro early, mid or late 2011 model? We finally have simple solution for you to recover your files or enable the integrated GPU! We offer a USB drive that can boot with a bad GPU. This will work if your MacBook Pro 15.4" Early or Late 2011 model does the following:

  • Fails to load OSX and gets stuck on the loading bar
  • Shows a blank white screen while loading
  • Shows a blank grey screen while loading
  • Shows a blank blue screen while loading
  • Shows a checkerboard like screen after loading
  • freezes at a checkerboard like screen
  • Reboots right when loading has complete 
  • shows a mirrored screen while loading OS-X


You will receive a USB Flash Drive programmed with a custom Operating System specifically made to allow for easy file recovery and activating the integrated GPU if you wish after the discrete GPU has failed. It can be used repeatedly to repair the problem if for some reason the fix becomes undone. Detailed instructions will be included.

File Recovery

The custom version of macOS we use supports the APFS file system, meaning you can recover files from all of your mac drives. There is an additional 8gb of storage available for file recovery on the USB drive itself, or you can simply plug in another USB flash drive or external HDD/SDD to recover all files on the hard drive. This makes it very easy and convenient to save all files on your MacBook Pro!


Currently, there is a software work around you can apply to your MacBook to get your Intel GPU to load instead of the AMD GPU. This software solution works and has been tested thoroughly by Miller Warehouse and many others. We did not create the software fix, but you can apply it using our USB Recovery Drive!

We do not replace the GPU that failed. Our software/service will allow for file recovery on MacBooks with Bad GPU's and also will allow you to disable the discrete AMD GPU causing the problem, then enables the Intel Integrated GPU to allow the normal function of the MacBook without the USB drive. You will not be able to use an external monitor while the MacBook is in this state, but everything else will work as designed. AVOID PERFORMING A PRAM RESET. You can still have the GPU repaired or replaced if you wish to have external monitor functionality and better accelerated graphics in some apps. I offer this on the eBay listing below:


Shipping will be on the same or next day after payment is received (depends on what time the payment is received). It will be shipped either USPS First Class mail, or USPS Priority for an additional fee. We are located close to a major US Shipping center, so shipping times should be relatively fast.